Oak Wood Desk 8 Position Business Card Holder



Do you have a professional office and are stacking business cards on top of a desk or counter top? When customers or clients see an unorganized area in your business, they may relate it to your performance quality.

Displaying your business cards can be a very important marketing tool. This oak wood desk unit can display 8 different business cards with class! It can be placed on a desk, counter, or display area at your business. Your customers or client’s attention can be drawn to your cards that you have invested in. Now invest into something that will give an attractive and quality look, which will say something about your business!

The front and sides are made from solid oak with an oak ply backer. Plastic inserts are inside the oak holder to display eight different (standard size 2 x 3.5”) business cards with leveled positions for easy viewing.

Appox. Dim. Overall: 4.75” D x 5.5” H x 8.63 W

Finished product has a clear lacquer coating.

Item NO. #0122
Price $67.00 (includes ground shipping costs)
+6% Tax (Michigan)

Oak Deswk 8 Position Business Card Holder
Price: $67.00

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