Oak Wood 9 Position Cell Phone, Blackberry & PDA Holder

above #0133 9 position

above 24 position by custom order

Is security an issue in your building? Do you have some concerns that you might want to collect pda units before conducting a meeting or conference? Maybe you need to take control over ringing cell phones in your meetings? How many times have you politely asked your visitors to turn off their cell phones before entering a room or gathering? This could be a hassle for government agencies, hospitals, doctor’s offices, public examination halls, and schools when there is a need to control interruptions and security.

This unit (new pocket size of 4” wide) has been redesigned to accommodate the larger phones and phone cases to fit most cell phones, Blackberry and PDA systems. Collect phones from your visitors with this easy to identifying unit. Use the alphabet or a number for each slot. Give each recipient the same identification so they can pick their phone up after their meeting.
Let this unit help you have a “peace of mind” for your company’s work space.

Crafted from solid oak with oak/ply backer and clear (break resistance) plastic fronts. The holder is wall mounted. Additional units can be mounted side by side. Includes mounting hardware. Finished product has a clear lacquer coating. Contents shown are not included.
The unit holds 9 cell phones, Blackberry or PDA’s for the approximate following pocket size dimensions:

Approx. Pocket Dim. (Inside), 4 ” wide, 8” high, 1.375 ” deep

Overall size: 13.50”W x 26.625” H x 1.750 ” D
Item #0133
Price - $190.00 (includes ground shipping costs)
6% Tax (Michigan)


Also available in 1-4 position sizes
Also available in 24 position size by custom orderI

9 Position Cell Phone, Blackberry & PDA Holder
Price: $190.00

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