Oak Wood 6 Position Cell Phone, Blackberry & PDA Holder

above #0134 6 position

above 24 position by custom order

One of our most popular items is the electronic communication holder. You may need to control security issues or perhaps just have a designated place to locate your phone on a day- to-day basis.

This new pocket size 6 position holder can be an organizational tool that can provide “keeping it simple”. Why hassle with an important issue, when it can be solved with an easy solution!

With the new pocket size (4” wide) unit is made to hold most cell phones, Blackberry, PDA systems, phone cases, and other handheld communication devices.

Crafted from solid oak with oak/ply backer and clear (break resistance) plastic fronts. The holder is wall mounted.  Additional units can be mounted side by side. Includes mounting hardware. Finished product has a clear lacquer coating. Contents shown are not included. See other sizes available.

The unit holds 6 cell phones, Blackberry or PDA’s for the approximate following pocket size dimensions. Let this unit help you with any “security” issues you may encounter.

Approximate Pocket Dim. (inside), 4” wide 8”high, 1.75” deep

Overall size: 13.50”W x 18.25” H x 1.750 ” D
Item #0134
Price - $135.00 (includes ground shipping costs)
6% Tax (Michigan)

Also available in 1-4 position sizes
Also available in 24 position size by custom orderI

6 Position Cell Phone, Blackberry & PDA Holder
Price: $135.00

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