Wall Mount Wireless Phone and Key Holder



Where do you put your keys and wireless phones when you come home? Are you looking for your keys and cell phone or PDA unit when you are rushing out the door in the morning? Well dont panic or be late because now you have a standard place to put these items.

This attractive looking holder can be your lifesaver. The unit will give a lovely look hanging on your wall, and will keep your counter top or table from having a cluttered look.

The sides and dividers are made from solid oak. The front is oak ply backer with break resistance clear plastic. The holder also has an opening on the top to hold scratch pads, mail, address book, pocket calendar, wallet or miscellaneous items. Comes with three wireless phone slots and four brass key hangers.

Approx. Dim Overall 1.75D x 18H x 10.625 W
Large slot opening 1.25D x 4.75H x 10 W
Wireless phone opening (each) 1.25D x 7.0H x 3.125W

(This unit should fit most PDAs, Blackberry, Cell, Iphone units)

Mounting hardware included contents shown not included. Finished product has a clear lacquer coating.

Item No. #0118
Price - $76.00 (includes ground shipping costs)
+ 6% Tax (Michigan)

Wall Mount Wireless Phone & Key Holder
Price: $76.00

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