Oak Wood Electronic Game & Wireless Phone Holder



Are your children always leaving their small electronic games everywhere in their home? Do they ask you what happen to their game cards or cell phone?

This unit was constructed from a request from our grandchildren. They wanted something to hang on their bedroom wall so they wouldnt lose their DS and Game Boy units and cards. Also they wanted to have a place to put their Pokemon cards, and perhaps a place to put their eyeglasses away for the night.

This is an ideal gift for a youngster. It not only helps to teach them that taking care of their items may increase the lifetime of their unit, but also can encourage responsibility.

The holder also can accommodate a cell phone, but is not limited to other items that can help you to become more organized!

Appox. Dim Overall 1.75 D x 18.5 H x 7.375 W
Top Slot Opening (each) 1.375 D x 6.75 H x 3W
Middle Slot Opening 1.375D x 3.875H x 6.5W
Bottom Slot Opening 1.375D x 5.875H x 6.5W

The sides and dividers are made from solid oak. The front is oak ply backer with break resistance clear plastic. Mounting hardware included contents shown not included. Finished product has a clear lacquer coating.

Item No. #0120
Price - $71.00 (includes ground shipping costs)
+ 6% Tax (Michigan)

Oak Wood Electronic Game & Wireless Phone Holder
Price: $71.00
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