Recommended Reading
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Morgenstern, Julie. Organizing from the Inside Out. 1998
Morgenstern, Julie. Time Management from the Inside Out. 2000

These are both excellent books for developing systems in your home and office, with many resources to help you manage your time.

Paul, Marilyn, Ph.D. It's Hard to Make a Difference When You Can't Find Your Keys.
A great book to tell you how to actually get organized. Marilyn illustrates a special 7-step system to make your life easier.

Aslett, Don. For Packrats Only. How to clean up, clear out, and de-junk your life forever! Don makes this fun and easy to read, but has great ideas for practical usage.

Peterson, Pipi C. & Campbell, Mary. Ready, Set, Organize! 2nd Ed. Use this book as your workbook and reference guide. A great tool!

Ordesky, Maxine. The Complete Home Organizer. This book is a great picture book of ideas for storage space in your home. Many great tips are given.

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