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"My goal is to provide a successful organizing service for individuals in order to improve their quality of life with simple, productive systems. I enjoy organizing and working with people. Therefore, my responsibility to my client is to understand their needs and provide the best solution possible customized just for them."


After 36 years of her professional business career Delma Smith started her own business as a professional organizer in the Summer of 2002.  Delma developed those skills as a young child and successfully used those talents for raising her own family.

From her professional business career, she is able to use her people skills as a professional organizer when working with her clients.  Delma says “organizing isn’t just moving things around and putting things away”. When working with her clients she takes into consideration their personality, life or work style, and their everyday habits to create an organizing system that will work especially for them.  Even though the client has the responsibility to change and be disciplined, Delma helps motivate, teach and coach them through the process.

Hiring a professional organizer can really make a difference in your life. 

Delma is a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (
NAPO), current member and past treasurer of the NAPO Southeast Michigan Chapter, member of the National Study Group of Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD), and member and Secretary/Treasurer of the Business Network International (BNI) group in Lansing. Michigan. She has a professional organizing certificate from HG Training Academy. 

If you are interested learning more about how Organizing For You can help organize your project and relieve you from the frustration of doing it yourself, call 517-420-5075 or email Delma@organizingforyou.com  


Delma supporting the NAPO's Get Organized Week
with a Barnes & Nobel customer.

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