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Delma Smith teaches creative ideas on how to de-clutter and get organized. Her students say that she is very knowledgeable, and that they have learned many helpful new ideas for getting organized. Students leave her classes with the motivation for starting their own projects. Teaching since 2003!

Classes taught for the following groups:

Kellogg Community College and Lifelong Learning Institute, Battle Creek MI; Washtenaw Community Ann Arbor, MI; Montcalm Community College, Sidney MI; Michigan State University Staff Learn at Lunch Program; Lansing Community College, Lansing, MI; Jiffy Mix Corporation, Chelsea MI; Branch County Library, Coldwater MI. Other various organizations: church groups, Lions Club, small businesses, senior centers and other miscellaneous requested organizations.
Titles of classes taught (but not limited):

Planning for the Unexpected
Are your important papers in shambles? Can you locate or know what a “legal document” is? Be proactive and prepare ahead of an urgent crisis. Come and make your own notebook of information from the instructor’s handout. Additional ready-made notebooks can be purchased at class.

Downsizing for the Good Life
So you’ve made the important decision that it is time to move to a smaller house. After all, the kids are gone now, but as you look around you can’t believe you’ve accumulated so much stuff! Come learn how to tackle the process of getting started. Planning and organizing preparation tips will be given to help live a simpler life.

Clutter-Busting for Packrats
Do you have too much clutter around you? Does your home environment bring you peace and calm? Come to this class to get ideas how you can let go of the special attachments you have to your stuff. Tools and techniques will be shared, with a sorting demonstration.

Space Management: Organized Spaces for Easy Living
Are you struggling to maintain an organized home? Come learn what you can do on a daily basis that can help you lead a less stressful life. Learn how you can plan for creative, organized living spaces while you redefine what you “really” need and how to let go of the clutter around you

End the Morning Crazies: Organize Your Closet
Do you have a closet that is bulging with clothes and you can’t find a thing to wear? Did you start clearing your closet one day, and didn’t complete the process so now you have clothes strewn across you bedroom floor, bed or chair? Come and learn some simple ideas to clear you closet and maximize your closet space

Organizing Your Kitchen
Are you productive in your kitchen? Is your kitchen always full of clutter? Come to this class to learn how productive you can be by setting up your kitchen workspace in an organizing fashion. Tips and ideas will be shared on how to utilize your kitchen cabinet space and keep your kitchen clutter-free!!

Organizing Your Paper Clutter
If you have trouble finding what you need when you need it, then you need to organize and downsize your paper clutter. An instructor from Organizing For You can teach you some tips and ideas on how to control and maintain your paper trails. You will learn how to set up a simple home filing system and some "how to" sorting tips to make it work. Don't let your paperwork weigh you down. Be more productive and happier when you have paper under control.

Organizing Your Workspace
Do you have an office in your home or work place, that seems to be a disaster zone? Is your home of office workstation a source of frustration due to clutter? An over-abundance of paperwork can make every task overwhelming. Learn organizing tips from a professional and save many hours of frustration


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