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Linda, President
"Hiring Delma Smith is the best business investment I've made in many years.  Her organizational skills, and her ability to transfer her knowledge to others are profound.  She works with you to develop systems that work for you, and in doing so, improve your chances for success."

"I needed to be able to use our finished basement for several different activities instead of using it only as a clutter collector. Delma worked side by side with me and helped me learn how to de-clutter the space we had and maximize it to allow for more room. In just one day, I gained space large enough for big toys and a general play area, a family/living room, an office area, and an exercise spot. Much cheaper than adding on to the house!"


"Delma has done an excellent job in helping me organize my bills and incoming/outgoing mail in my home. The many piles that once existed around my counter tops and tables now have been neatly and precisely categorized into a mail center by the front door and a working bill center near my computer. Thank you, Delma, for giving me more time to spend on the fun things in life by being organized!"

"As a busy college student with two jobs, I don't have time for anything! Delma has taught me to be more organized with my school work, my jobs and my life. Now I'm more efficient at the way I manage my time, and I no longer have late fees on bills or late assignments."

"Before, I could not even walk into my 12 x 16 foot shed without tripping over something. Since Delma has helped organize the contents, it is very simple to keep it clean and to find things. The hardest part for me was to get everything arranged so I could utilize the storage plus enjoy my shed as my shop. Now, all I do is maintain it, and thanks to Delma for helping make my life a little easier!"

"Delma has helped motivate me into organizing my clutter. The back porch was a major mess, and now it is GREAT! I can walk through it. I have more space. The basement is now organized, and I can find what I need. Thank you - Delma!"

Cheryl (University student)
"Delma showed me techniques that I never would have thought of. She helped me clear out things that I otherwise would have held onto. I am very pleased with my new filing system!"

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