Tips and Ideas

Quick End-of-the-Day Tip
When you are done with a project or assignment for the day, take 10-15 minutes to put your things away, i.e., workstation/desk area; kitchen or living room; children's play area, etc.

You will find that your next day will start out fresh and you will feel more confident abut getting started. It will also help you control the clutter, too.

Concentrate on Only One Small Area at a Time
If a house/office needs to be de-cluttered, focus on only one small area at a time.
Don't look at the overall picture. This is usually too overwhelming.
Concentrate on organizing one small area so that you will feel good about each accomplishment.
Begin Any Organizing Project With a Cheerful Attitude
Be open to change, pro-active; have a "can-do" attitude
Stay disciplined; remain purposeful
If you take action each day, it will eventually become a habit

Manage the Mail
Set up one place only, which is convenient, where you can put your mail
Establish a routine for the mail
Get a desk organizer with slots for your bills, mail to read, mail to answer, etc.
Shred your junk mail or recycle it
Be consistent about going through your mail (if not every day, at least every couple of days)
Stay Focused on a Cleaning Project
When you decide to clean a room, try not to get side-tracked, so that you will accomplish your goal in a reasonable set time. Here are some tips for staying focused:
- If you need to put things away elsewhere, put them against the wall in designated piles for specific areas. Don't leave room to do it, so that you will remain focused on the immediate area you are intent on cleaning, and not become distracted.
- Block out a specific time and help yourself stay within that time by setting a timer in which to complete your project.
- Stay focused!

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